Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Febrile Winter Incursion

I've figured out something that's sort of unfortunate, if I ever wish to become a 'proffesional' artist; I can't draw everyday. I draw much better when I force myself away from the table for a day or two, feeling like I'm building up steam with every hour away from the devil-board. Eventually, I jones for ink and brushes.It's the hours away from the table, where I don't know what to do with myself, questioning wether I should even bother with it all, when I come up with completely random works.
I did these last night. They are photographs that I manipulated very lightly on Photoshop. I'm not going to tell you what the photos are of, cause it'll ruin it.

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from a different series..

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Aeron said...

Very unique work, and it's strange these being digitally manipulated photographs, they still resemble your style of imagery. I noticed that the ink blot photos look more like intricate watercolor or ink paintings then they do photo manipulations. They also reminded me a bit of the watercolors found in the "Scary Story" books. Are you familiar with those? I scanned in and posted a small gallery on imageshack awhile back of may of those paintings. View pages 4 - 6 at my image shack account - http://profile.imageshack.us/user/glowingskeleton

Also, you might have already seen this posted at monsterbrains, but I'm sure you'll dig these weird ink blot tests - http://www.inkblottestwallpaper.com/

zeke said...

These are wonderful, I bet they'd be great to have as prints and sit and ponder now and then, 'cause you could see no end of stuff in them.

SEAN said...

i'm printing out one of those & using it for gnarly trees! thanks!

Luke P. said...

Cool! show us when you're done.
Those drawings are awesome, Alfrey. Thanks.