Wednesday, January 10, 2007


These are two attempts at psychedelic drawings done during summer 2004, I was inspired by Gary Panter's lightshow flyers.


SEAN said...

Those are wicked man!

Luke P. said...

These are great. Panter is so influential, it's like an entire school has grown up in his wake. Initially, I was weary of so many guys being so obviously influnced by him, but I realized that his work is so perfect, in certain ways, that it achieved a sensibility that tons of people were after, or atempting to enunciate and that's a great thing. It goes beyond style, or certain type scratchy line into a sensibility that pretty inclusive.
these two are now saved in a file of my favorite EBD stuff to-date.
Did you buy any of the minis from his site? I bought a few.Even though they're expensive, they are so worth it. HE sent a nice note along with them too.

Aeron said...

Good stuff, you should consider coloring these.

zeke said...

Cheers! I didn't buy any of the minis, but perhaps should 'cause doesn't the 'songy/yoyo' strip from the jimbo comics published by bongo carry on in them? those comics are some of my alltime favourites!
I was really inspired by the way he was going on about psychedelic art that's packed with detail in the comics journal interview he did a few years ago and it really fired up my enthusiasm for that stuff.
I've got a few photos of beat up huts I'm going to send him for his 'gary store' locations!