Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hi, my name is David Paleo

And this being the Internet, here's a close up of my fanny

Beware, if you look deep enough inside that tormented right eye, you'll find that i'm lacking an appendix; be quiet, don't panic, i keep it here, in this jar

"My body is my temple", yeah, good luck praying, chanting, spasms talking and don't forget the handling of snakes, you do gotta handle the poisonous snakes; me?, i think the body its a very poor organizer of the internal organs.

Jar it all!


Hi again.

I am a cartoonist from argentina, and before you ask, no, i don't have a clue about any hypothetical argentinian comics scene, i guess i should get out more, but as a virile, outdoors man, i like to read about life to the fullest.

And as long as i'm blabbling about reading, i confess that i learnt english reading old Floyd Gottffredson's comics, i hope this fact somehow clarifies my constant enmanglement of the noble english language.

I was a artistic kid in a working class home, so my first inspirations came from the TV, all the classic Bob Clampett, Tex Avery & et all animation shorts that were the staple of kiddie programs back in the 70's, i will allways love those loonies.

Also loonies like Ornette Coleman, Raymond Roussel and Jean Dubuffet... and synthesis, i love synthesis!

For the sake of archeology, here's the first strip i ever published, in this "countercultural" mag called Cerdos & Peces, in the other side of the page where's my strip is, there's a W. Burroughs interview! This thing was actually sold in newstands, impossible to think of it now, when rebellion means a more agressive scheme to milk money out of your neighbour, Donald Trump's "you're fired" this age Marlon Brando's "what ya'got?". And no, i won't discuss my stupid alias of the time.

I was fifteen and obviously a delightfully charming young fellow, you could very well imagine the viciousness with wich ancient, frail patrician ladies went after each other in filthy back alleys, expensive false teeth clenched, swirling switchblades on a blueblood binge while pearl necklaces exploded under lashing bike chains, all over who would be honored with my presence at tea time.

But i was unhappy with my work, so i quit trying to be a pro and concentrated in just drawing. Fifteen years passed while i worked plenty of shitty jobs and drew all the time, housed a couple extra cuckoos in my skull clock in the proccess, wich lead me to draw long autistic comics with titles like Arachneed, Growing Frenzy and Draw Dust From The Droolers, that i rather doubt will ever see the light of day, all this while i developed a rainbow of vices wich, since slowly getting my life back in track five years ago i'm trying to shed away, i gotta do the comics!

Here's some new stuff

oh man... i'm gonna faint... did you read that? twenty years since the previous strip and i haven't progressed JACKSHIT! i'm a fucking moron! its the same old, "Todo pasa por el culo" (translated: "Everything -as in everything of substance, of meaning- goes through the ass") crap!! here's God: "Through the ass!!!" here's love: "Through the ass!!!" here's decency, gentlesness, reason, beauty, learning... "Through the ass with all of it!!!"

See ya at the other end.


Human Mollusk said...

Great post and great strips, David.

aeron said...

Bitchin work as always David. Those jars are great, I did some chicken meat sculptures with wire about 10 years ago that I put into pickle jars of alcohol. I need to get some pictures of them, they're pretty nasty looking.

How did you go about making that print of your work?

Luke P. said...

Yes, great post. Paleo is our anti-reason cheerleader. We need one.

Paleo said...


Aeron; print? in the photo? that's the original drawing,and it's for sale if any of you art lovers don't mind artwork that has been rubbed against the artist's ass.

Those chicken meat sculptures you mention sound nasty indeed, i'll love to see some photos. Regretfully, i'm not that clever, that's my honest to god appendix on a jar, i made a big ruckus at the hospital to have it "doggy bagged"

aeron said...

Ah, I think the white borders threw me off into thinking it was a print of the drawing. Well anyway that would make for a great print just the same. Also, didn't you tell me awhile back that you had work of yours that went into le dernier cri's Hopital Brut anthology? I love everything those people produce, have you had much contact with them?

Paleo said...

I'll love to make some prints but i don't know of anyone who prints this kind of shit around here, and no, you might have me mixed up with the Dernier cri thing,4 or 5 years back i corresponded a few times with Pakito Bolino, who seemed a nice enough guy, but it leaded nowhere, you should write 'em though!

zeke said...

this post is soooooo great, how much did you have to bug 'em to get your appendix to take home?! and a picture's not finished 'til you've rubbed your arse on it. for that unique 'musky' odour!

Anonymous said...


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By the way, I love that too!  How did you find that?  

See you soon! Girly Girl 

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seantiger said...

That one made me chuckle!