Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Devl Worms

Here's one of many colored pencil drawings I've been working on. This still has a ways to go. I'm experimenting with building up multiple layered colors from light to dark. The background will have a few more colors worked into it which will help pop the background hills out more. You can't really see it in the scans but the bumpy thick tooth paper texture really gives a cool effect with the colored pencil scratch marks, kind of a microscopic relief effect.


ULAND said...

Hey Aeron- I like the color pencil look. It's kind of a nice shift.We get to see your signature style, but its in these "nicer" colors. Could you put a link in the sidebar for me- to http://ulandblog.blogspot.com -?

ULAND said...

Maybe put one up for Matt Locke too?
-And what happened to Taillefer?

Paleo said...

Oh, i love these little devils, "Seurat Secret Satanic Graffitti"!

That shows some discipline, to work the color in such a methodical way; do you think that working in the digital collages, diligently adding layer over layer influenced your hand-on process?

Aeron said...

uland, I'll go into preferences and open up your administrative abilities on here. I don't know what happened to Taillefer, I was really hoping to see more of his art!

David - I'm not sure to what extent my digital stuff and drawn/painted stuff carries over between each medium. I've always been very methodical in my approach to making art so I think that carries through everything.

I've very rarely ever drawn in colored pencil so the whole thing is an experiment. But I'm exploring a color theory I had that tries to emulate an oil glaze in colored pencil, working warmer lighter colors underneath then building up darker colors and shades over top. Hopefully the effect will create a sort of glowing color field that shines from underneath. Or at the very least, create some interesting mixed color.

zeke said...

Fantastic!, these paler colours and the pointilist style made me think of tattoos.