Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Journal page

Here's a new journal page. I have had more fun lately working in the journal rather than trying to figure out what to do after I am in the diary. Hope you like


Aeron said...

You should do a coloring book of pages like these.

zeke said...

Good stuff Chris, looking forward to seeing how this series progresses. Perhaps it would be interesting to take this journal to a bar and draw whilst drinking, just to see what kind of thoughts and confessions turn up.
Also wondered if maybe just one colour here and there may look cool or perhaps the lettering could be a different colour?
Great creatures too, each one'd look amazing just by itself!

chris said...

thanks. A coloring book hmmmm? not bad. If I get a publisher for this I will do several pages in color. I am also planning on drawing more in color too so not to worry. Now I can do whatever in the journal. yay.

Paleo said...

Hey Chris, would you please post more of this diary here? i like it but i don't want to go through all the lame "friending" facebook shit. Thanks!

Aeron said...

Chris, you're going to love this.. I was browsing some sites that had Monster Brains linked up and found this amazing resource of links -

Check out the "publishing houses/books/zines" section of links.

chris said...

paleo, yeah, Im gonna post more here but I will post most of it on my blog
I hate the facebook/myspace thing but try to use it to get people to blog. thanks. Aeron, thanks alot. I will check that out now. thanks thanks thanks