Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Floating Demon

Here's something I painted sometime last year, the original is around 5 x 4 inches so you're looking at it in great detail. This is one of a few dozen tiny paintings I made that I still need to go back in and tweak before I put them on sale. I'm going to work in a purple blue into the fur of this creature to make some shading effects for depth. I was inspired by some of the more simplified painting compositions of illuminated manuscript artworks for these.


Paleo said...

the skin's so lustrous, looks like oil half the way into becoming scales, and love the square eye!

Aeron said...

If I were to do this one over I'd have placed some sort of alchemical bottle into the road from which the demon is spilling out of like a cloud.

Aeron said...

I'll have to do that in another painting.