Thursday, August 28, 2008



Unknown said...

Hell yeah, slime molds rock! Nice find, Luke. Here's a German documentary about them. It's really quite bad(and in German), but the accelerated footage is awesome.
The good stuff starts at about 3 minutes 20 secs.
If anyone's wondering how fast they really are: the creep along at at pace of one centimeter per hour.

Aeron said...

Awesome, I love slime molds, dog puke, whatever people call them. Check out the pics on flickr -

SEAN said...

love it. i can't believe people are ever bored when they can just go outside & see crazy shit whenever they want to.

i'm bored though, but luckily for me, it's bed time. thanks for the vid!

what the hell is ULAND?

Uland said...

It's someone who used to post here but doesn't anymore. But they do, just with a different name.

SEAN said...

I know it's you, L**E, i'm just wondering what ULAND means!?!

Uland said...

Well, it's not an uncommon last name around these parts.Usually spelled with two L's though.
I like it cause it sounds like a place-name too. the prefix "U" in latin usually means a negation. Like "Utopia" means nowhere, so I like it on that level too.