Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Hi everybody, been enjoying the bats, Nessies and underpants put on here lately. Great work everyone. I wondered if anyone here had any connections with any publishers? As you know, I am tryiong to put together a book but I am kind of blindly contacting companies. If someone knew someone it might make it easier. If you do know anyone or have any tips, please let me know. thanks


Jeffrey Meyer said...

Hi again, Chris:

I was thinking about this and I remembered two specific anthologies that might be amenable to publishing your journal stuff: Blab and The Ganzfeld.

It seems like you're more interested in putting out a complete collection of the material, rather than doling it out piecemeal alongside other peoples' work, but the editors of these pubs seem like they would understand and appeciate your work.

Aeron said...

You might approach..

I'm sure there are dozens of smaller publishers out there you might want to check out but I don't have any links handy. It's a good idea, if you see an art book that is loosely similar to something you might want to do, jot down the name of that publisher. If they're publishing stuff similar to what you want to be doing, you'd probably have the best luck getting something going with them.

Aeron said...

And I'm not sure to what extent Meathaus releases stuff, I know they put out the odd anthology book. I've followed them for awhile and I think your work would sit well amongst their grouping of artists.

Mostyn said...

thank you fellas. I will try them all.

Paleo said...

What Jeffrey and Aeron said, also, when you write to publishers, first, state clearly on your e-mail header that is a submission so it doesn't get chewed up by anti-spam programs, and keep the mails brief & concise; have an easy to navigate site where to display your work ( avoid sending attached files) and most important, don't get discouraged, you'll get a ton of rejections and much worst, ten million tons of indifference, its how it works, your stuff's great so keep bothering the fuckers 'till they publish it or contract hit men to snuff you. Dump the body of the hit men on a creek and keep e-mailing those editors, no one who publish has unspoiled by blood hands.