Saturday, August 09, 2008

Electric energy from the other side

Some bizarre scene from the Land Of The Moth. Whenever I get the time to finish it I might set this on a stage with curtains pulled back and burned out chairs below. Sort of like the entire audience self combusted.


Jeffrey Meyer said...

Hey Aeron, do you know Hans Bellmer's work? Something about the doll-like figure in the center, sort of pushed up agsainst the wall, made me suddenly think of his stuff.

Man, it must take you hours to blend these images together for the finished pic.

Aeron said...

Yes, I'm a big fan of Bellmer. I wouldn't be surprised if his influence runs through some of my imagery.

I spent a couple of hours putting this one together but to bring it to the sort of visual conclusion that I do with my previous finished digital imagery would require at least 20 hours of solid photoshop work. I'm trying to find short cuts so I can speed up the process. I tend to get bogged down in really intricate details. As an example, I could spend literally an hour tweaking layers on one of the heads of those muppet demon things. The finished image will look amazing but damn is it time consuming!

I'll probably come back to this one in a couple of months and begin that tedious process.

Paleo said...

what's interesting is that in even in this crude stage the ambience and mood are already there.

the pig & fish-headed creatures below are seriously nightmare inducing.