Sunday, August 03, 2008

Something Like A Cowboy

A digital experiment where I tried to achieve the idea in my head with as few photographic pieces and as little manipulation as possible.

David, does this remind you of your stuff? Victor Cayro said he saw similarities towards your art. I think the face of the rider has a similarly abstracted face as seen in some of your work?

Anyway, I might pursue a larger version of this image where the whip wielding character is rounding up a herd of large animals that have faces similar to deformed fetuses. And just as with my Hob Bob fantasy world, this plays directly into the other fantasy world I'm working on related to The Land Of The Moth. In this part of the Moth lies a barren wasteland where cloaked figures riding tortured beasts whip their herds of abominable fetus faced livestock.


Paleo said...

its similar to my stuff in the way that, if someone gave a verbal description of this and one of my drawings, they will use a lot of the same concepts and adjectives, but it only takes the slightest blur of a phantom eye to recognize this inmediately as a scene out of The Land of the Moth.

And a choice one on top of that! really unholy vibe to this one, and i love the use of (collaged, drawn? i don't know the word) elements like the whip and the rider's hood, though i will be more scant with it, like a uniform sky and take the black out of the "horse" head.

JaneDoughnut said...

I love this. And I love the way collage can evoke a mood and image nothing like the included pieces. Nicely done.

MD Encolpius said...

I think that's a wicked image. I know it's work in progress, but wow.