Friday, October 17, 2008

"Die Gummipuppen...DIE! Pung Krock im Damenklo" exhibition

Here's some photos of the exhibition at Le Petit Mignon gallery in Berlin.
All the work's by:
CrippaXXXalmqvist (Fin Swe/DE),Marc van Elburg (NL),Zeke S. Clough (UK).
Also there's photos of the zine, posters and flyer for the show.


Gaiihain said...

I wish I could be in Berlin at “the little cutie gallery” (le petit mignon)…

There are many extra spaces in the post, I don’t want to sound formalistic but when you scroll at a certain point it seems that the end of the blog has been reached. It wouldn’t be much work to remove them. I mean they don’t bother me I don’t give a shit but if you did not intended them there’s no point keeping them… It’s true a web-log’s aim could be to keep a log of the work and just to make things available… Oh I don’t care!

For what matters I’m sure it must be very exiting to be part of this exhibition. The works seem very strong and of high standard. Will you take the opportunity to visit Bon Gout Showroom?

Mr. Sean said...

Hot damn man! Look at that stuff! Great work. Hey, did the VoidaVoida zine ever come out cos i wanna get one of those.

Anonymous said...

yeah voida ho! Nice work btw. How did you do the big b/w pics? what kinda pens?

Aeron said...

Great work, Zeke. Your imagery looks fantastic in that large format.

Human Mollusk said...

Crippa showed me the zine that came with the expo today... rrrrreally fucking cool!
Gonna go see the real thing next week.

zeke said...

Thanks chaps!
Gaiihain; sadly I didn't get chance to visit Bon Gout Showroom even though we walked right past it, must see it next time I go to Berlin.
Doing layouts on this blogger site always puzzles me and ends up looking a mess, don't know how you get your posts looking so cool, any tips'd be appreciated.
Mostyn; The big b/w pics are all prints from A4 or A3 drawings, the big Mickey is two big prints fixed together in the middle.They seem to enlarge ok without looking dodgy.
Hope you enjoy the show Fufu!
Think I'll do an update post about Voida Voida.

chris said...

so how are they printed?

Gaiihain said...

Ahahah ! Blogger is real pain in the arse. You and Aeron are incredibly honest: you both document the work (I mean you can for sure make images but often you use the internet to give an idea about what the material work is really or to show how it was made), and as well you both make it available (what matters is pictures and meanings, the fact that they fit in is not relevant…) oh I know all this you won’t hide it from me. I won’t blame you for that, on the contrary, I like courageous and true feelings! Zeke I read one of your old comments you did not know if to modify a painting with Photoshop was not cheating… From my point of view you have to choose what you want: either to make an image or to document a work. But anyway when you transfer from a media to another one, things change. It could be magical actually and satisfying to make a “new work” just by playing on your computer (it could be very frustrating as well).

Yes as well on blogger… My point of view is similar: it could be satisfying to have a nice post but sometime you just don’t need it and it is oppressing to have the feeling that you must do things right. My strategy on blogger is to intend something, then I choose where I put the images, I choose their seizes and etc without thinking too much about what will actually appear. Then I have a look at the blog and then I modify my post (I remove extra spaces, I add some and as well I change the images’ positions). It doesn’t take me more than 5 minutes to do that. If you just have a blank area you just need to delete (be careful not to delete one of your images), it will not take you more than 30 seconds.

For the rest Zeke have a look in your mailbox and thank you once more for the translation I’ll make a post with the comics when we’ll achieve this project. And I’m looking forwards to seeing you in Grenoble!

Paleo said...

WHOA! terrific show Zeke! the stuff looks at his nutters best in that big size.

zeke said...

Chris, I'm not sure of the actual print process but they look like giant photocopies. The quality's pretty good and it's fairly cheap.
Cheers David!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post Zeke.

Jeffrey Meyer said...

Very impressive -- the work is especially powerful grouped together like that, a hell of a lot of work.