Monday, October 27, 2008

YouTube Halloween

Thought I'd post one of my favorite short films: Outer Space by Peter Tscherkassky. I first saw the film on the excellent anthology Experiments in Terror, and I suggest finding a copy of that DVD if at all possible -- not only because Tscherkassky's work suffers quite a bit as seen compressed here for the web, but also because the rest of the shorts on the disc are pretty amazing as well. Incidentally, Outer Space is taken entirely from the film The Entity, itself a remarkable movie with an amazing performance by Barbara Hershey.


Paleo said...

Wddwat the fuuuck?!

Looks like a Hitchcock/Polanski joint shooted by Buñuel and edited by Brakhage, brilliant shit.

BBB said...

what is the film being "sampled" here? new footage or existing? the actress looks familiar

Jeffrey Meyer said...

It's "The Entity"