Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tempest Sketch

Just had a great idea for a painting and jotted it down, wish I wasn't working on a million other projects or I'd start painting this now. It's some sort of beaked aquatic abomination picking a boat out of the water for a snack. There's going to be clouds with demonic faces blowing wind and lightning out of their mouthes while a swirling ocean surface below spins other boats around the giant monster.


Paleo said...

You know whats the first adjective that came to my mind when i read this?


Then i come from a long line of sailors, this is scary shit!

Turok Reader said...

i love your millions of ideas on here.
How many do you complete? There seem to be a lot of plans with the digital collages and whatnot, can you show us a bunch of finished ones together?

Aeron said...

David, haha, yeah you gotta worry about those things at sea. Be floatin and fishin next thing you know a tentacle's on board and it's all down hill from there!

I have a series of small paintings that I've yet to post on here which I still need to touch up before I'm done and ready to show. Then I have that stack of colored pencil drawings I mentioned awhile back of which many are finished. I'm holding off on scanning and posting those until I have the series finished which will be by the end of the year. I'll see about posting a few of my finished digital collages soon. I don't think I've ever shown my Max Ernst collage that was published in Arf Forum the other year or the entirety of my Lovecraft inspired collage.