Saturday, October 04, 2008

TMNT Ephemera

Sometimes the pieces of paper that come with toys are better than the toys themselves. Toys should always make sure to come with crap like this. Comics, maps, joke books, profile cards & extra writing & drawings. In fact, everything should come with extra ephemeral items. This is the glory of Dr. Bronner's soap, which i don't use, but god bless it, all that tiny crazy text to read. Mad Magazine (who knows about the newer issues) was always crammed to the gills with comics, especially Sergio Aragones "marginals". Comics between the margins! Value! Compulsive space filling! Most cereals don't offer toys inside anymore either. They should be required to have a sticker or a hologram or a plastic thingy in each box, as well as some sort of insane screed filling up all unused space. CRASS records are the same, but should also come with plastic figures to play with. The Ramones Rocket to Russia album with glorious cartoons of each song by John Holmstrom! He-Man figures each coming with a cool little comic! You get the point. Here are some good scraps of ephemeral ephemera.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secret Sewer Map #7
tmnt secret sewer map #7
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles National Turtle Quiz Jokebook #10
tmnt quiz jokebook #10


ULAND said...

Not only are they awesome objects, when you're a kid they really suck you into whatever universe they're depicting. I really fantasized about the TMNT universe as a kid; networks of sewer homes, and mutants; who else could live down there?- the possibilites are endless.

Mr. Sean said...

Absolutely. & it's really cheap for people to do. I wanted to live in a garbage truck (well armored) & rob shopping malls for a living.

Aeron said...

Hahaha, what an awesome living that would be! I was looking at some of the instruction manuals that show a toy in multiple pieces with arrows pointing where things go were recently and was marveling at how bizarre it all was. I gotta find some pics of that stuff now.

Jeffrey Meyer said...

Yeah, these are great. Atari 2600 cartridges used to come with comic books, so did He-Man... I suppose they're scanned online somewhere!