Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ben Wilson

Above: Sleeping Giant 1987
made with branches and nails in Hadley Common, North London
9 meters long and since vanished

A while ago, Mr. Sean's Witch's Head post remind me of this amazing outdoor sculpture i scanned from "Raw Creation" an art brut & outsider art book written by John Maizels, edited by Phaidon.

I searched the web for more images of this artist to link to, but i only found


"Raw Creation" mention that Wilson's big outdoor sculptures were routinely vandalized, so i wonder if he decided to make this new stuff a joke on these vandals? he went from the majestic work on the countryside to the three-hair-brush-monk-like work in the City sidewalks, embeleshing the detritus of...sure, vandals!

He even does a portrait of Maradona!


Aeron said...

Too bad about the vandals, he should just use really heavy logs so they can't budge.

Jeffrey Meyer said...

Wouldn't it be neat if houses were shaped like the people who lived in them? And garages shaped like cars? etc.