Wednesday, October 15, 2008

EBD logos, banners -- Opinions?

Hi All. I sent these EBD banners/logos to Luke and he suggested I post them here... any advice, suggestions, etc. about them - as well as how to integrate them into the site redesign - would be appreciated. Also, feel free to grab these and manipulate them in any way you please, distorting, recoloring, adding backgrounds, whatever. The finsished dimension of the banner are 300x600 pixels.This was a Paleo piece I snagged from the site here, just to see what the logo would look like with a contributor's art:

This is just some still from the amazing Jessica Alba film Into the Blue, with the logo on top. I like the idea of using a transparent logo over random imagery (or our own imagery -- below you'll see I used some members' stuff for backgrounds) but I'm not sure how I feel about the results now that look at it... at any rate these aren't meant to be finished, finely tuned pieces, but suggestions. Any of you guys who are more adept at Photoshop, etc. I'm sure could utilize this idea a bit more successfully -- please do!

I actually like this one quite a bit:

I like this, too:

This is another piece I grabbed from the site here, and threw the logo on top of --as you can see, "readability" is an issue with the "transparency" idea, at least as I've attempted it here.

I think this logo (below) isn't quite right... the little "hook" at the bottom left of each letter makes it a bit difficult to read -- the "E" looks like an "S" at first glance and the "D" kinda looks like a "Q".

This one is just silly. And the colored version is by no means presentable -- I'm sort of teaching myself to color with photoshop as I go along...


Uland said...

Man, it's really hard to choose. I'm angling towards the drippy one, with some imagery behind it.
One photoshop tip is to adjust levels ( Image- Adjust Levels ( or apple+'L') so you can get the blacks really black. Just move the arrows on both ends of the scale towards the center ( you'll get it when you see it).
This also makes it very easy to change the color of the letters.

Unknown said...

hmm. I like the last one from the end

Human Mollusk said...

Lots of cool designs, but I have to agree with Marek. The very last one is funny and original.
They're all really good, but the drippy one seems a bit too cliché and the others don't vibe so well with the general content of the blog IMHO. I really dig the cut wrist and the post-H-bomb sunglasses one, but the former seems to point too heavily to underground comix and the latter looks like a logo for a blog about seveties sci-fi films.

Aeron said...

The last one is my favorite, mixes the sort of horror with the whimsical weird that goes on here.

zeke said...

Good stuff, they all look cool but I particularly like the stitched wrist and the last one.

Luke P. said...

I was hoping to use these and make a group of banners that I can rotate in and out .If anybody wants to grab these, or ask Jeffrey to send them higher res versions,etc,etc, they should.