Monday, October 06, 2008

March of Alka Malka

Here's two tunes by the band I'm in 'March of Alka Malka' called 'Concrete Sleep' and 'Chimpera' if your ears can stand it there's more here:


Gaiihain said...

(many things, experiments !!!)

ULAND said...

I like that Zeke. Subterranean groaning from a tired factory, or something.

Paleo said...

i like it a lot, especially the droney first one, what do you make those sounds with?

Jeffrey Meyer said...

Yeah, I was wondering about instrumentation, too -- are field recordings involved or is it all played?

Good stuff.

Mr. Sean said...

Music to die in the sewers to!

zeke said...

Thanks chaps, love the subterranean sewer descriptions!
and thanks for the Dubuffet link Gaiihain, will enjoy listening to those recordings very much.
The instruments on the first one are:
Dave: guitar
Anne: accordian
me: synth
And on the second one:
Dave: guitar,vocals,monkey sounds
There's no field recordings involved, but that is something we'd like to try out at some point.

Turok Reader said...

very good music. great drawing music. very nice.

Turok Reader said...

actually I`ve been listening some more and this is absolutely wonderful music you are working on. really splendid.
mediaeval industrial tribal.