Monday, October 20, 2008

You're A Killer?

I like the new masthead quite a bit.
I'm working on a new card series. Name is something like "Mostly Monsters" or "Monster Mash" or something like that. It's a world of monsters & nazi bananas.
This is Myron, named for the Jerry Lewis character in "Scared Stiff".

This is Vinnie Vargr
vinnie vargr


Anonymous said...

Behind my back there’s a girl who just came out of mental institution. Ah! Ah! Ah! she loves your drawings!!! I must say I agree with her. Did you know that in old English Punk meant whore or rotten wood?


zeke said...

'It's a world of monsters & nazi bananas' Ha!!! I've been in a vile mood lately and this post cheered me right up, bloody great stuff.

Aeron said...

Totally bitching card series you have rolling here! That Jerry Lewis clip was great, I have a bunch of his flicks downloaded that I still need to get around to watching.

SEAN said...

Gaiihine, ha ha. Of course mental cases like my stuff! I used to get quite a few letters from those types in the Punk days. Zeke, any time. It's definitely a goal of mine to put a smile on people's face, or a scowl. Aeron, thanks, i'll shoot one over to you when it's done. Should be done soon, i'm working on the backs now. Not as spontaneous & fun. I've got the whole Martin & Lewis movie collection as a set, which is so awesome.

Paleo said...

Man, Pee Wee, Lenny & now Martin & Lewis! you're on a roll with these clips!

I grew up watching Jerry & Dino genius movies (every sunday on Channel 13 ) and boy, "Scared Stiff"? once you got past all the Carmen Miranda impressions, it was both funny and truly creepy.

Please do a Jerry & Dino set in the style of that great Vinnie Vargr picture!

SEAN said...

A two-headed Jerry & Dino would be insane! I might have to do that.

Jeffrey Meyer said...

Wow, these will make fantastic cards. Your dense drawing looks great with two flat colors.