Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Monster Korner & You Can't Stop Rock & Roll

I'm teaching a print making class for kids at the art center right now. Today we made rubber cuts. I made a flying eye, a stitched up wound & a bone with meat on it as well.


This photo kind of sums up alot of my philosophy of culture. Speaking of which, just watched Pee-wee's Big Adventure again the other day, fantastic, just the same as when i was a kid, & every time i see anything Pee-wee related I am completely struck at how his aesthetic is nearly the same as mine & god bless Paul Reubens & his entire milieu. He was a Punk Rocker you know? That's how he met Gary Panter who was doing Punk fliers in LA.

Also, my Twisted Sister obsession is rekindled every so-often. This time it was from watching Pee-wee's Big Adventure & watching this video over & over again. The dedication is priceless. I thought this kind of stuff didn't have impact anymore when i was in my teens & there was that whole push towards "extreme" in the 90s, but man, you go anywhere looking like these guys (in their denim & leather tough guy outfits or their stage drag) & everyone is gonna be afraid to talk to you. Twisted Sister have a direct connection to the Ramones & the Dictators so don't scoff man. They're bad ass. Dee Snider rules. He was hosting a horror oriented radio show at some point.


Aeron said...

The skull print is great, gotta love the pop out eyeballs. I was watching PeeWee's Playhouse at my brother's house the other day, that show was so great. It really frustrates me that his career was ended over such a stupid reason. He jerked off in a porno theater, so what? It's not like those places are open for people who don't want to jerk off in public! Do you ever watch Reno 911? He had a cameo in a recent episode a few seasons back where he played a serial killer, he was as awesome as ever.

mostyn said...

I played Pee Wee for some of my kids last year and they had no idea what to think. HA. Love the skull print. What age are your students and what technique are you using for the prints? I want one of the skull prints BTW PLEASE! Also, where did you find the photo? It is great!

Paleo said...

Paul Reubens is a freaking genius and i even like Big Top Pee Wee more than Big Adventure, it had a record onscreen kiss at the time!

zeke said...

Those skull prints look great!